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Daily Sex Discussions #103 2013-02-22 8:43:50 AM
Do you attend public sex events?

Pretty much weekly! The vast majority of my social life includes kink and kinky people - we hang out in a lot of sex-positive places! I run monthly events at, a venue that combines sex and kink in a beautiful, classy way. I am a regular at for their Genesis fetish party and Hot Springs events - Iíve even presented workshops there. My usual weekend haunt,, home of the Second Circle parties and Bent, is a sex positive environment.

Who knew being an adult could be so much fun?!


Daily Sex Discussions #102 2013-02-22 8:43:26 AM
Do you answer surveys about sex?

It really depends. If you mean those silly quizzes that make the rounds on the net, no. Theyíre just too blah for me, usually designed to produce a specific answer or show the ignorance/bias of the author. That said, I have been known to answer the odd Cosmo style quiz due to boredom or morbid curiosity.

If you mean actual, academic surveys, then yes, as many as I qualify for. I feel itís important to represent myself and people like me when the opportunity arises. I canít bitch that we are ignored if we stay hidden. I also find myself curious about the construction of the survey questions. I remember what its like learning how to craft questions that are as neutral as possible, dealing with ethics boards, etc. Especially when the subject is kink. Some people hate BDSM and want to prove that we are all damaged (we arenít), that we are abusive (consent is key) or that we are the devil him(her)self. I want to know whoís out to get me and how, hopefully before they publish.

So thatís my yes and no answer, what about you? Do you answer surveys about sex?

New Year Resolutions - Update 2013-02-07 1:08:52 PM
So, Iím a bit late in updating this because Iíve been so busy! Letís see where Iím at with my resolutions a month (or so) into 2013

1. Do an hour of yoga every day

My pain levels have been high lately and I couldnít get into my doctor until the other day. We are working on getting the pain back under control, part of which is getting some exercise. Long story short: Fail, but working on it. I should be able to do the hour daily by the end of the month - just a bit harder to get back into the swing of things than I hoped.

2. Incorporate swimming or weight training a few days a week.

Not happening yet, see above. Winter is also fucking with my ability to get out to the pool, so Iím re-setting this one for April (Canít do it all at once!)

3. Eat a healthier diet.

Iím getting there! I have a pretty wicked sweet tooth but Iíve managed to really cut down on the sweets, only indulging when out socially and even then within reason (of course Sunday I just pigged out, but I know why I did and Iím going to avoid those circumstances if I can in the future - I can be an emotional eater)

4. Finish unpacking

Iím now about 70% done. Itís been a busy month, so Iím not as far along as I want to be but Iím getting there.

5. Set up my play space

Nope, have to unpack first (all the boxes are sitting in what will be my play space)

6. Shoot more clips

Not yet, need a play space :)

7. Teach at least 1 workshop a month

WOOT! Here is one that I kicked ass on (also why Iíve been so busy) Iím teaching a series of kink 101 workshops at on the second Saturday of each month, starting Feb 9th. I also have even more stuff in the works, lots of exciting things coming up (which I will announce soon). Iím very happy that I was able to achieve this goal quickly and now Iím going to try to double my efforts.

8. Spend 5 hours a week writing

Also done! Iíve managed to really focus on this (the workshop thing helped too!) You should be seeing the results very soon, as articles get published and moreÖ.

9.Update my blogs regularly

Fail-ish. Obviously Iím not writing the way I want as far as my blogs go, but I have put together a new website which took up a fair bit of time and effort. That will be launched soon (it;s to keep track of my teaching stuff and such). This month I will focus and really start doing proper updates.

10. Develop my kinky skills

I have made initial arrangements to learn single tail whips with a friend (WhipLover) I just need to pick up a single tail of my own. Itís a good first step. I also want to identify new skills I can learn.

Overall Iím happy with my progress. I wish I had the energy I used to, to be able to do all the things all the time, but thatís life. Itís always a matter of finding the right balance. I will update this list and my goals again next month!

2013-01-28 11:07:18 PM

Workshops at Oasis! 2013-01-21 11:25:39 PM
Wednesday Feb 6, starting at 8pm

BDSM Negotiations
While BDSM is becoming more popular, many people don't know how to negotiate a power exchange. We will cover basic terminology (as needed for the group). We will discuss safewords, what they are for and how they are used. Contracts and fetish lists will be looked at, with examples. You will learn how to negotiate a scene so that you can better enjoy the play and have your needs met.

Anal Play
Everything you wanted to know about anal play! One of the most common questions I get asked when out doing kink outreach is how to do anal so that it feels good! A lot of people want to explore anal play, whether the bottom is male, female or TG. We will discuss fingers, penises, strap-ons, butt plugs and fists. We will also have a section on safety, including what makes a good, safe butt toy. Expect a full discussion on the merits of different types of lube.

What did you do for NYE? 2013-01-04 5:52:22 PM
So, Iím a little late in posting this, but better late than never. I was invited to a private dungeon party for NYE. It was a lot of fun, I got to see some old friends, make some new ones and my Dog got to introduce me to a lot of his friends. Now, Iím not the type to find myself in a dungeon with a willing submissive and not have a little fun!

I started by tying a TK on dog (for those of you who donít know itís a chest harness that also binds his hands behind his back). I attached that to one of the overhead hard points, then brought his right leg up and tied that to the hard point as well, knee bent. So itís a partial suspension, one leg on the ground. I like the position because heís off balance and I can easily access his soft and squishy bits :)

Dog picked up a taser recently and Iíve been dying to try it out. Since I was in a good mood, I thought some harsh electrical shocks to his cock and balls was in order. Itís not like he was in a position to argue with me anyways! I donít even know how many times I shocked him. He loved it! It was so much fun to watch him try to recoil from the shocks, but he couldnít go any where because of the rope. He was off balance the whole time trying to escape. It was so hot weíre doing it again this weekend, then Iíll do it again when I can get video of itÖ..I think itís going to become a NYE tradition (or a Saturday night tradition, I just donít think I will ever get bored of this)

New Year Resolutions 2013-01-03 9:47:45 AM
I tweeted some of these, but didnít compile a full list. So here we go, this year I willÖ

1. Do an hour of yoga every day

2. Incorporate some swimming or weight training a few days a week, as my body allows

3. Finish unpacking from my December 1st move!

4. Set up my home play space

5. Shoot more clips, so that I can post a new one at least every 3 days

6. Teach at least one workshop per month

7. Spend at least 5 hours per week writing (you will find out soon I hope!)

8. Update my blogs daily by devoting at least 30 minutes a day to it

9. Eat a healthier diet

10. Develop more kinky skills

I think thatís a good start to the year! I will go back once a month and give an update on how my goals are coming along and add new ones as needed. Iím surprisingly optimistic about 2013, so Iím going to go with it.

Iím also going to need help with ideas to write about every day! So, send me BDSM related questions, D/S questions or point me to good writing inspiration!

Love and Sex Survey 2013-01-02 8:45:47 PM
Love and Sex Survey
So every year, NOW Magazine does a love and sex survey. Iím going to share with you my results! You can find last years results at You can take this yearís survey here

Feel free to post your answers too!!

(I just noticed when I was about half way through, Iím answering last years survey! I will answer any different questions from this years tomorrow)

So first the demographic stuff: Iím 34 years old, female and identify as pansexual (attracted to all genders, including gender queer and trans people)

1. What best describes your current sex life?

2. Have you ever been late for work because you were too busy having sex?

3. Have you ever had sex interrupted by a lover stopping to answer the phone/reply to a text?
No, but because I work on call Iíve had to answer the phone mid-play. Clients always seem to know when Iím busy!

4. The role you played in your first three-way was:
Guest Star (Actually we all were, it was just 3 of us getting it on, no couple involved)

5. You consider yourself to be more:
Sexual than romantic

6. The furthest you usually go with someone on a first sexual encounter is:
Bondage/toys/kink play

7. Do you find clothing-optional beaches sexy?
There are some diamonds in the buff

8. Itís more romantic to be served:
A picnic lunch (since they didnít have Ďall the timeí as an option!)

9. Name your dead celebrity crush
Donít really have one.

10. ltís sexier sharing:
Some hot tub time for two

11. Have you ever regifted a sex toy?
Once mine, always mine!

12. The idea of watching someone you find attractive have sex with him/herself or another is a:
Complete turn on, no matter the scenario

13. The idea of being watched by someone while you have sex with yourself or another is a:
Turn on with the right observer

14. Have you ever been in a long-distance (ie: out of province or country) relationship?
No, prefer RL but not entirely opposed to the idea

15. If yes, did long distance turn into long-term?

16. When presented with the opportunity, you only investigate the bathroom cabinets of:
No one

17. Have you ever worn the same clothes to work two days in a row due to not, um, making it home the night before?
I have, it wasnít a big deal (luckily for me, I always have extra clothes at the dungeon!)

18. Name two living celebrities or public figures youíd like to engage in a three-way with.
None, really. Not into celebrity worship.

19. What best describes the impact social media have had on your love and/or sex life?
Iíve made more friends than lovers

20. What would you most like to change about your current sex life?
More, please!

2013 Start the year right! 2013-01-02 08:21:52
Ok, I've been a little lax in updating this site. Just been so busy with things at and life in general. That's going to change starting now! I will update this blog regularly, a few times a week at least!

So my first entry is this one, a reminder to follow my other social media stuff:

twitter: @Nymphetamean

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You can also come and see me IRL! Visit for details. Time to make your fantasy become reality!

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